5 Ways To Disconnect From Technology

We at 4GMF love technology. It helps improve our lives by making international communication easier, makes any answer just a click away, and gives us endless entertainment possibilities. However, technology can also sometimes disconnect us from the outside world.

Often, we spend too much time behind a screen, and not enough time enjoying our natural resources, and making genuine human-to-human connections. If you’re considering doing a  7-day or even a 30-day technology detox or reduction, here are a few ways to unplug.

Take a Vacation

Leave the technology behind as you plan a domestic or international vacation. Use deal sites, such as Groupon, to save on vacation spots like Biltmore. Immerse yourself in the vacation experience so much that you don’t miss, or feel tempted to check your phone or computer.

Focus on engaging with the history and culture of your new surroundings. Leave your phone in the hotel, and take pictures with a basic Polaroid or disposable camera. This eliminates the pull of posting everything on social media the minute you snap a shot.

Plan a Camping Trip

Go completely back to basics by roughing it in the wilderness for a few days. Avoid the temptation of connecting with modern civilization by leaving your phone locked in the car.

Use your natural skills to build a fire, navigate your trail, and cook your own food from limited heating sources. It will make you appreciate your natural resources. Camping also shows you that you’re more capable than you think.

Focus on a Hobby

Reemerge yourself in a forgotten or neglected hobby. Completely commit to this new hobby by taking courses or attending meetups. Look for free or cheap courses at the local library, university, or art studio. For example, you will most likely find free or cheap photography classes at a local art institute or photography studio.

Put your hobby into practice by going out and filming, painting, writing, or sewing. Less technology means more time to devote to your hobby.

Time Yourself

It would be foolish to believe that it is possible to survive without using technology at all. However, you can limit your usage. Instead of spending hours watching movies, checking social media, and playing games, only use technology when necessary.

Only turn on your iPad or laptop when working or conducting research. Shut it off once you’re done.

Attend a Social Gathering

Go to a bar, single’s mixer, book club meeting, or networking event. Just find a place where you can meet new people without being trapped behind a screen.

Even the biggest technology lovers need to disconnect once in awhile. Hopefully this list helps you, and when you’re ready to reconnect, all your tech-obsessed friends will be there waiting.