An Aesthetic Clinic Helped Me with an Intimate Issue

I have six children, which is almost unheard of where I am from. My husband and I agreed that we wanted to have three children, but I ended up getting pregnant once more after that. We were both surprised when the doctor said we were having triplets. I was not concerned with the physical part of it because my first three births were quite easy. My body had a harder time recuperating after triplets though, and I ended up seeing an aesthetic doctor in Singapore a while after giving birth to our three youngest.

The delivery went without any complications, and I was able to have a natural childbirth. The doctor thought that all three would be small simply because there were three of them, but they were average size. The reason I had to see an aesthetic doctor is because of vaginal laxity. I was stretched more than normal, and I just was not able to recover naturally from that. While it was not causing me any medical issues, it was absolutely causing me personal issues. The biggest one was urinary symptoms, but there were also intimacy issues because of all the stretching.

It was something that I was embarrassed to talk about with my friends, and I did not even tell my doctor for a while because I was hoping it would go back to normal. It did not, but I am glad I talked to my doctor about it because he told me about vaginal laser procedures that could help me. He even referred me to the aesthetic clinic that I ended up using. It was not invasive at all, and it also did not require a lot of time at the clinic. I feel so much better since having this done, and everything is back to normal for me now!