My Mom Needed Some Cleaning Help

My mom is so independent. Even at almost 80 years old, she prefers to do a lot of things herself. She plans her own meals, which includes shopping for the groceries and cooking them as well. She takes care of her own personal hygiene, and she attends church twice a week. There are things that she is slowing down on though. I noticed that she was having a harder time cleaning parts of her condo, so I started looking into a part time helper in Singapore. I wanted her to enjoy her golden years and not worry about falling off a step stool because she was trying to clean the top of the fridge.

I knew that my mom would have the final say if this was to happen, so I took my time in looking at different companies. I like that Kleepers has everything right there on their website, so there are no surprises on the pricing or what services they will and will not do. My mom spends most of her time in the living room either reading a good book, watching TV or socializing with friends. It was the latter that made me happy with some of the services that Kleepers offers.

For example, for the living room, they dust and wipe all the furniture, but that is just the beginning of their services. They also do windows, including the frames and sills. They will clean the vents for her air conditioner in the living room too, and clean all the floors. She has both hardwood as well as carpeting, and they handle both of them. They do even more in the kitchen, so I knew that this was the right service for Mom. When she agreed with me on that, I was so happy because it meant she would finally stop taking risks in her condo just to clean it.