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What is Digital Transformation and How is it Relevant to Your Business? In the recent time, digital technology and the manner in which people use it in every aspect of their lives, job, and society, has seen the continued change in the business. It may not be quite right to use the term digital transformation to describe the realities that it covers. Often, some people prefer using the term digital business transformation so as to get in line with the business aspect. Digital transformation is used as an umbrella term to cover changes that are not only in business but evolution and modifications in other areas like, the government and society. Areas of Digital Business Transformation The business Processes Business processes that include one or more connected activities, operations, or sets geared towards achieving a given business goal, whereby business process like management, optimization, and automation come into the picture. In most cases, business process optimization is integral in digital transformation strategies and is mainly customer-facing.
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The business Models A business model covers the functionality of the firm right from the marketing strategies, the means of seeking money and how it effectively transforms its main business and taps into novel sources of revenue and approaches, and sometimes having to drop its traditional core business after some time.
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Business Ecosystems Business ecosystems has to do with the network of stakeholders and partners as well as the factors that affect the business as the economic priorities and evolution. Companies built new ecosystems based on digital transformation, and information whereby actionable intelligence and data become core innovation assets. This is not an exhaustive list of the areas that digital business transformation covers, there are still other major areas and though some overlap, they cannot be avoided. The Reasons for Digital Business Transformation Digital Business transformation means the transition of the entire business from an old platform to a new exciting and dynamic model. While there are several aspects of digital business transformation; this article will address its importance in sales and marketing. The speed at which E-commerce is being adopted is high and the old methods of advertising have been kicked off. The physical world of phones, mail and fliers has undergone a digital transformation, and people are now using the web. If you are in a service rather than a retail business, then you need to embrace digital transformation. Customers hardly have time to run through the Yellow pages to search for your business but are instead online searching. Online platforms provide all the relevant information on the company as well as providing evidence through customer reviews. Digital Business Transformation is the optimal challenge in change management. It impacts on the business structure and the strategic positioning as well as all organizational levels.