The Internet Helps Customers Learn More About What My Restaurant Offers

I haven’t been very onboard with jumping around to different social media accounts in my personal life. On the other hand, I’ve also learned that you must follow your customers to each of the social media sites they join, though. This is how I learned that I need to buy Instagram followers for the Instagram account that I opened for my restaurant. I don’t need to have a personal account on every site, but different customers make choices about the sites they want to be on, and I have to roll with the punches when it comes to open a business account on many sites.

My parents owned a clothing shop when I was a child and teen, and we lived in a small town. They really didn’t have a need to do much marketing because word traveled fast any time a new business opened up that rural area. We also didn’t have all that many stores to choose from locally. Most of them were located on the main street in town, so everyone noticed when a new one opened as they drove through the center of our town. People stopped often because a new shop with interesting things in it meant that people didn’t have to drive hours away to get to a store that sold the things they needed.

I live in an urban area now, and I don’t have the same luxury of marketing via word of mouth only. I have to do what I can to get the word out, and then I have to hope that I do the right thing to get people to come see what I have. As a restaurant owner, I compete with a lot of other restaurants in the area. I’m a fantastic chef, and I use the Internet to help show potential customers that very thing. The way that I entice customers is to take photos of the fully finished meals that I prepare, and then I post them on social media.