The Pros and Cons of WooCommerce

Things develop very quickly on the web. Not too long ago, people were discussing whether or not ecommerce would ever be as popular as the mall. Would the average person be willing to buy something sight unseen from a website, turn over their card data and wait a few days or longer for their purchase to arrive?

Everyone thought ecommerce would work for specialty products that weren’t available locally, but would people be willing to wait for something they could have immediately by driving to the store? The answer was a resounding YES. Today, almost half of all websites are ecommerce, selling everything imaginable and then some.

WordPress and WooCommerce – A Winning Combo

When any development is new, a lot of different approaches are tried. After a while, the winners become obvious. The most popular ecommerce platform is WordPress using WooCommerce, the ecommerce extension of WordPress.

Almost 40% of all online stores, big and small, are powered by WooCommerce. You’ll be in good hands when you trust your store to the platform that has proved how powerful it is, how well it works and how easy it is to use. WordPress and WooCommerce are also infinitely customizable and inexpensive. What more could you want?

WooCommerce – the Pros and Cons

Everything has both pros and cons, even WooCommerce. Here’s a brief rundown.


  • WooCommerce is free
  • Unlimited products and attributes can be added
  • It works great on every device
  • After being installed, WooCommerce is yours. Use the customization options as you wish – it’s all under your control
  • No coding skills are needed to use the intuitive interface
  • Customers will be able to rate your products – a great feature since everyone checks reviews before buying
  • Simple to add to any WordPress site


  • You still need to pay for hosting
  • WooCommerce only works on WordPress
  • If you aren’t a WordPress user, then you need to install WordPress on a host, choose a WooCommerce-compatible theme and then install the WooCommerce plugin or hire a developer to create your WordPress/WooCommerce store for you

The WooCommerce team is working hard to achieve their goal of becoming the ultimate WordPress toolkit provider. They have developed hundreds of both free and paid extensions to meet the unique needs of your ecommerce website. Whatever your logistical and technical requirements, they’ve got it. The dedicated support staff at WooCommerce are waiting to help you out. Check out WooCommerce today.