Time for an Attorney: from Marriage to Divorce in Six Months

Almost as quickly as my brother got married, he found himself looking for a divorce lawyer in Schenectady NY. I think his marriage officially lasted all of six months and once his wife bled him dry, she was having an affair with her next ex-husband-to-be.

Now I can’t say that I blamed my brother. Sheila was a gorgeous woman and every man in town paid her attention. My brother David was incredibly flattered when she started ignoring the other men in the bar where they met in favor of his company. They dated for several months, all the while David’s friends were warning him about Sheila, claiming she had come onto them, had been seen with other men and was generally a gold digger. I saw the behavior as well when Sheila would be over for a visit or the holidays at my parents’ house and would show us the latest purchase my brother had made for her. Designer handbags and shoes seemed to be her favorites as well as name-dropping several of the most expensive restaurants in town and talk of trips to sunny hot spots.

The final straw for me was when discussing the engagement of a mutual friend, my mother said that she intended to give David her engagement ring for whomever she chose to marry. The ring had been in the family for several generations and was a very prized heirloom that Sheila wanted to immediately examine before declaring it was far too small and old for her. I could see the disappointment in my mother’s face when Sheila so callously dismissed her family heirloom and tradition when Sheila said she needed at least three carats in a platinum setting.

My brother could not be swayed and three months later, Sheila was sporting a huge diamond and wedding plans were being made. We all tried to warn him as well, but it was no use and now, six months later, my brother is packing his what little he has left and moving back in with my parents.