You Need to Stay on Top of Things at All Times

Knowing that you need to take care of the things you own in your home or at your business is one thing, but actually doing those things is yet another thing. I was told long ago that the air conditioning until for my real estate office would probably go out soon, but I ignored that. I spent extra funds on other things in the office instead. So, it was no surprise at all when I learned that phoning in for air conditioning repair in NYC was the first thing I had to do when I got into the office one morning last week.

I woke up in the morning and things seemed as normal. I knew we had a heat wave going on that week, so I dressed appropriately in a light dress shirt and some khaki pants. I often wear a suit and a tie, but felt that would be too much in the recent weather. I drove to the office as normal, and saw two of my agents standing outside the office door when I arrived. I thought that was strange because they are often busy working and making plans for the day at their desks when they come in that early. I asked them if they were on strike in a joking way, and they both chuckled in a good natured and told me that the AC was out. Of all the weeks that could happen, it had to be during our heat wave week!

My secretary showed up then and she got right on communicating with a number of companies that do AC work. Four different companies came out, and I chose to work with the one that gave me a really nice discount. They are fast workers as well because they showed up within hours to get everything done.