You Never Know Who You’ll Meet

It hasn’t been long since I moved into the Stone Oak Apartments in San Antonio TX, but I must say that I love it. The apartments are great, and I love that I have access to a pool and gym. The best thing about the apartments is that I’ve meet some people who are great to be around. Whenever we have some free time, we get together and do something at the apartments or at a nearby location. I met these people in some interesting ways.

I met one person while I was swimming at the pool in the apartments on my first week of moving in. I was doing some laps up and down the pool, when this person asked me if I wanted to have a bit of a race. This person took swimming as more of a competition, rather than a simple way to have fun or exercise. I agreed to the race, and started swimming as fast as I could. I was actually able to beat this person, which was a surprise to the both of us. He wanted to know how I was able to beat him so easily. I didn’t really have much of a secret, so I told him I just had fun. We started hanging out after that, and he became more relaxed and fun in the pool.

I met a couple of more people while walking to my apartment. They were trying to carry some groceries and it looked like they needed some help, so I introduced myself and asked them if they needed a hand. They happily accepted my help and invited me in to have dinner that they were making with the groceries. They were amazing cooks who actually had formal chef training and worked at a five star restaurant. When we get together as a group, we have some amazing dishes.