CISSP Certification - The Best Way To Boost Your IT Career

CISSP Certification – The Best Way To Boost Your IT Career

The information system is experiencing growth all over the world. This is because it is at the center of globalization thanks to technologies that have bridged aspects of geography and time. The field of information technology is therefore a fully fledged one and career development in this direction can be a rewarding option for you. You can venture in as many as possible sub units of information technology, but one area that can be lucrative for you is that of information security. This is because you will gain a bigger advantage if you are provided with career growth options that are recognized all over the world. CISSP, Certified Information Systems Security Professional gives you the recognition you want for a better career.

You can achieve this certificate through opportunities that you are presented with. Your career development in terms of gaining knowledge concerning computers and information systems will be catered for by the numerous seminars you will attend. These are conducted by your certificate provider. You also benefit from the subscription magazines and relevant articles in this field provided by the examining group. You can achieve your career goal through the resources available for you if you achieve the CISSP certificate.

Getting the certification requires your commitment since you will be tested for some skills and concepts to do with information technology security systems. You will be required two areas of interest and in which you have good expertise at. These may include designing security systems, management of risks concerning information systems, access to information security logistics or legal regulations. You will also be required to have at least five years experience. The CISSP examination comprises of 250 multiple choice questions, and despite all meeting all these qualifications, you will be required not to have any criminal record.

Once you …

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Characteristics of IT Specialists

Characteristics of IT Specialists

The information technology sector continues to change. Because it is very important for us to maintain our speed along with change. Systems and information technology analysts are responsible for conducting research, developing and implementing plans, and providing constructive ideas and solutions to information technology problems. Information systems analysts are classified under the National Occupational Classification (NOC) # 2171.

Among IT jobs in Canada are computer consultants, information security analysts and consultants, information technology consultants, etc. All IT job applicants must be able to communicate in English. It is important for employers that you have excellent verbal communication to ensure that you can communicate with them and your coworkers. Note that language entry requirements as well as test requirements can vary from one college to another. It is recommended that you take the Canadian Benchmark Placement Test if your English is an Additional Language (EAL). These requirements must be met to make you eligible for IT work in Canada.

IT jobs such as systems analysts must have the following characteristics:

  1. Interested in business systems and able to provide constructive solutions to problems
  2. Being able to think analytically and logically to analyze problems that occur
  3. Able to take step by step
  4. Able to meet deadlines and manage stress when working on several projects at once
  5. Able to express technical terms clearly to those who have no technical background
  6. Have good interpersonal skills
  7. The ability to do tasks in groups or individually
  8. Have good management skills such as planning, supervising and coordinating others
  9. Enthusiastic in learning new developments

One must have the values ​​mentioned above to seize opportunities permanently because IT work in Canada requires very high IT specialist standards.…

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What is Full Root Access in VPS Hosting?

What is Full Root Access in VPS Hosting?

One of the reasons why VPS attracts tech admins and enthusiasts is because of its root access. It is one of the biggest differentiating factors which makes VPS Hosting more popular than other hosting solutions. In this article, we will talk about full root access and how it helps in VPS hosting.

The root access in VPS

VPS Hosting is available on various operating systems. While some offer Windows and Linux VPS Hosting, many hosting providers also offer VPS on Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Depending on your budget and site requirements, you can choose the OS and its related features. But the common feature across all VPS platforms is the unrestricted access to the root.

On a VPS server, ‘root’ is referred to the administrative user who manages the server and its related operations. The root allows you to access, edit, manage all the files on the server, including system files which can be critical. With root access, one can easily install or uninstall programs on the server whenever required. This is often beneficial for site admins, so they can configure security, add or remove applications, add resources as and when they need, and keep complete control over the server system.

When you have the full root access, you are provided with control panels like cPanel or Plesk, through which you can monitor and manage your server administration. You can install advanced software and completely customize almost every aspect of your server, from hardware configuration to applications, security measures, user access, and so on. This makes it work like a dedicated server but without the hefty cost of a dedicated server hosting. At the root level, you have the privilege to give necessary permissions for certain actions and fully manage a complete web server environment through a remote connection.…

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What to Do Before You Reformat Your Hard Drive

What to Do Before You Reformat Your Hard Drive

Computers play a very important role in our lives today. Almost everyone is now familiar with computers and there are even some that perceive computers as an indispensable part of their daily routine. However, just like any machine, computers are subject to wear and tear and you may need to reformat your hard drive at some later point in time. Before you reformat, there are several things which you need to know and do first.

Reformatting the hard drive is what others call the hard option, and this should only be done as a last resort and not mainly taken out of whim. If you are using Windows XP and having the problems such as frequent “blue screen of death” occurrences, missing DLL errors and constant software crashes even after you have performed steps including virus or spyware scanning, defrag, chkdsk, and all other solutions which are available online or on the manual, then you probably need to reformat the hard disk. In short, when you have done everything other than bathing your PC with soap and water, then it is time to consider a reformat.

Before you take out that Windows XP installation CD out that you bought a couple of years back and start the reformatting process, it is always a good idea to create a backup of the important files on your PC. There are several ways to do this, but the simplest form is just to copy all your important files to a high-capacity flash drive or an external hard disk drive.

If you forgot where you put that driver disk that came along with your computer, you should first check the device drivers on your PC by clicking start, then run, and type in dxdiag. It will show you three most important devices on your …

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How Computers and the Internet Can Help in Law Enforcement?

How Computers and the Internet Can Help in Law Enforcement?

The new century has begun with a milestone in development and technology. With the increasing popularity of internet functions, cyber crime and theft have emerged as new propaganda. Apart from online crime, computer technology has allowed criminals to violate law and order with the help of sophisticated instruments. As such, there must be inclusion of computers and technology in the power of law and order. Now, developed countries like Britain, US, Germany, France, China, etc. Using scientific instruments such as CCTV cameras to detect criminal forces. This became possible only with the introduction of computers. Computers surround all areas of human life.

Virtual reality has become the determining stone in law enforcement. Virtual reality like a 4D movie where you feel almost the same as the original scene that has happened. This helps during the settlement of the case in court where the witness tells the crime scene as detailed as he saw and is being projected on the screen to match the original scenario that has occurred.

Another important achievement that has been made is ‘on the spot’. This term explains that police officers and investigators have different tablet PCs or notebooks in their patrol cars that can detect people, etc. They have a database and other software through which they can conduct interviews and people’s thoughts about crime and send an immediate report to the central office or law enforcement and law enforcement officials when the location of the crime is still fresh. Cellular electronics have also proven to be very useful because they can catalog, transfer, or copy evidence at a crime scene and can be managed and processed as soon as they arrive at the head of the police station. Other technologies such as crime scene detectors can copy or identify fingerprints at the time so …

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