Hybrid Cars Show They Can Go The Distance

Hybrid Battery LifeWhen gas-electric hybrid cars went on sale here near the begin of the new century, their public image was of marvelous gas mileage but doable durability issues – specially with the batteries. If you have been attracted to the high gas mileage of hybrids (rated at 50 MPG for the Prius in combined city and highway driving) but have been concerned about durability, this study seems to indicate you have small to be concerned about. Nonetheless, the way that the two sources combine to power the car generally follows one of 3 distinct variations of hybrid arrangements. The 2003 Toyota Highlander, is a Crossover SUV that is produced on the extensively loved Toyota Camry platform.

The Toyota Prius battery price, becoming so high, types a really great cause for folks to appear for other selections. A single of the options that this vehicle came with is the three. Liter 6-Cylinder engine and the Toyota full time four-Wheel Drive program. Toyota Prius, like most other hybrid autos, uses nickel-metal hydride (NiMH) rechargeable battery technologies which, incidentally, is the similar chemistry applied in a multitude of transportable electronic devices, such as remote handle vehicles, mobile telephones and even some laptops.

The main challenge quite a few customers our obtaining with the Prius is associated to the battery life. The Hybrid gets slightly far better gas mileage than the Highlander, but exactly where it seriously shines is in emissions output. Our vehicle has the 3. Liter 6-Cylinder with Toyota complete time 4-Wheel Drive …

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