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Lead Carbon BatteryHe was currently operating 16 x 260w Solar Panels (4.16kW) with Enphase Micro Inverters. The consequence of this failure to achieve sales was the destruction of Axion’s monetary condition, the loss of its CEO, CFO and Chief Advertising Officer, and the plunge in its stock cost by over 99.9%. An try by a Chinese businessman was produced to companion with Axion for the Chinese industry, but that attempt also ended in failure.

One particular of the downsides with Lead Carbon batteries is that they are really heavy, generally around 31Kg for a 12v 70Ah and about 61Kg for a 6v 300Ah, so by the time you have eight of the 6v 300Ah batteries then you are generally at about 500Kg of weight (so not anything that you’d want to be moving about once it is installed and running).

Basically Lithium storage demands a very good BMS (Battery Management System) to balance and handle each cell, as any cells that get over or beneath charged / discharged can catch fire and explode if not properly managed, however these Thermal Runaway Events” are not a dilemma for Lead Carbon batteries (which can also be effortlessly retro fitted into most current systems that use any Lead Acid / AGM / GEL battery setup nowadays).

If we compare this against our existing most recent Lead Carbon SuperCapacitor battery setup which presents 14.4kW worth of storage (essentially twice as considerably) for about $14,500 which includes installation (as a retro-match option for any customers with current …

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