Michigan Lifeline Program

Michigan Lifeline Program

The Michigan lifeline program allows eligible low-income consumers to receive free monthly wireless service. The program offers free monthly minutes to qualifying consumers in the state of Michigan and the surrounding areas. It is government sponsored and regulated by the Wireline Competition Bureau.

Lifeline is a government-subsidized wireless service

The Michigan lifeline program is a government-sponsored wireless service that offers a discount to low-income customers who are eligible to sign up. To qualify, customers must be on government assistance, have income below 150% of the federal poverty level, or meet another qualifying criteria. Applicants may apply for a Lifeline service online or at a participating carrier. The program is limited to one phone per household, and it can’t be combined with other government-subsidized wireless services.

In a letter, the Wireline Competition Bureau seeks comment on the TracFone Wireless, Inc. petition to the Commission. The company requested forbearance from the requirement to provide services over its own facilities, and conditional ETC designation for Lifeline universal service support in Tennessee and North Carolina.

The company also asked for guidance on enrolling residents of homeless shelters into Lifeline programs.

It is available to low-income consumers

Michigan’s Lifeline program provides discounts for phone service for qualifying low- income consumers. The program’s goal is to ensure that all Americans have access to basic telephone service. The program is part of the Universal Service Fund and is available to qualifying low-income consumers in every state and territory. The Lifeline program is administered by the Universal Service …

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