Latest Medical Technology Inventions

Latest Medical Technology Inventions

Virtual reality has been used in physical therapy and mental trauma to help patients overcome phobias and PTSD. AR glasses developed by Cambridge Consultants can superimpose data from 3D scans and CAT scans on the real world. The AR glasses require minimal training and low costs to use. This technology has the potential to transform the way doctors and patients work.

Artificial pacemakers

The first artificial pacemaker was implanted in a patient on October 8, 1958, in Sweden. This new medical technology was the brainchild of physician inventor Rune Elmqvist and surgeon Ake Senning. Their patient, Arne Larsson, suffered from Stokes-Adams attacks and was in need of daily resuscitation. In an effort to save him, Senning and Elmqvist developed a fully implantable pacemaker.

3D printing

3D printing as a medical technology invention has already had a dramatic impact on healthcare. Its applications range from short-run prototypes and functional implants to complex orthopedic components. Today, the technology is available for a variety of medical applications including personalized care, high-impact medical applications, and bridge manufacturing.

Wearable CGMs

Wearable CGMs can help manage diabetes by continuously monitoring blood glucose levels. These devices are small devices that are worn on the body and measure glucose levels in the blood and interstitial fluid, the fluid between the cells of the body. The data collected by the device is sent to a monitor via wireless technology. Over time, these devices have become more accurate and reliable.

Some wearable CGMs can also send information directly to a …

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