Power Japan Plus (Tokyo Office)

Dual Carbon BatteryPower Japan Plus is a materials engineer for a new class of carbon material that balances economics, efficiency and sustainability in a world of constrained resources. This tells me a thing that although distinct Web blogs do like to fancy with all kinds of battery breakthroughs, these who are really doing small business with the technogy do not even bother to listen the several claims of several firms, who are in search of funding from venture capitalists by promising teradollar level disruption of EV and power storage markets!

This unique battery offers power density comparable to a lithium ion battery, but over a significantly longer functional lifetime with drastically improved safety and cradle-to-cradle sustainability. Power Japan Plus has filed 1 patent and is preparing to file three more on the dual carbon battery. Taking into consideration the reality that most of the battery’s components will be made of carbon – the most abundant material on Earth – this ought to make the battery extremely price successful even even though they haven’ yet went on the record about the pricing.

There are no revolutions and black swans, but the progress of battery tech follows more like a Moore’s Law, exactly where the cost functionality improves exponentially and predictably. It is apparent Musk and Tesla are hunting properly ahead into the future, and they won’t be caught by surprise when a battery breakthrough inevitably occurs. The Ryden battery eliminates the unstable active material employed in other high performance batteries, considerably decreasing fire …

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