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How to Use Social Proof to Market Your Business

When you are trying to grow a business it becomes very important that your potential customers grow to trust you. When people have questions about your service or product they might be more likely to go with a more established brand instead. One of the best ways to convince people that they should be using your services is to offer them social proof, which is also sometimes referred to as herd behavior.

Using social influence can be a great way to give people ease of mind in knowing that other customers have had good experiences using your services or products. In some cases using social norm can be so powerful that it makes it seem like a choice outside of the norm if someone decides to go with someone else over you. Social proof is a form of marketing but it is not seen as a marketing tactic to the customer since it comes from the other customers. One great way to use social proof is to get customer reviews and testimonials. Generally people create a page of testimonials on their website, but it can be more effective to just have them placed sporadically throughout the rest of your copy so that people are certain to see them whether they specifically go looking for them or not.

Taking testimonials to the next level is having endorsements, which come from other businesses or celebrities that have some sort of influence over the customer. The more relevant and powerful the influencer is, the better. If you do get a good endorsement be sure and add a photo to really drive home the message.
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Sometimes telling people how many email subscribers you already have is the perfect boost to convince them that they too should be subscribing. This is the same concept behind having a social sharing button on your website, since people can see how many other people have already done so which legitimizes their choice to do so. You can even add widgets to your blog that show the amount of followers that you have on social media. But of course you only want to do that if you are active on the social media account.
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If you have received any press you will want to include blurbs from those and add on media logos as well. Adding trust boxes to your website is also another great idea, since it includes businesses who are known for their rating practices like Yelp and any industry associations or chambers of congress.