What is Full Root Access in VPS Hosting?

What is Full Root Access in VPS Hosting?

One of the reasons why VPS attracts tech admins and enthusiasts is because of its root access. It is one of the biggest differentiating factors which makes VPS Hosting more popular than other hosting solutions. In this article, we will talk about full root access and how it helps in VPS hosting.

The root access in VPS

VPS Hosting is available on various operating systems. While some offer Windows and Linux VPS Hosting, many hosting providers also offer VPS on Ubuntu, CentOS, and Debian. Depending on your budget and site requirements, you can choose the OS and its related features. But the common feature across all VPS platforms is the unrestricted access to the root.

On a VPS server, ‘root’ is referred to the administrative user who manages the server and its related operations. The root allows you to access, edit, manage all the files on the server, including system files which can be critical. With root access, one can easily install or uninstall programs on the server whenever required. This is often beneficial for site admins, so they can configure security, add or remove applications, add resources as and when they need, and keep complete control over the server system.

When you have the full root access, you are provided with control panels like cPanel or Plesk, through which you can monitor and manage your server administration. You can install advanced software and completely customize almost every aspect of your server, from hardware configuration to applications, security measures, user access, and so on. This makes it work like a dedicated server but without the hefty cost of a dedicated server hosting. At the root level, you have the privilege to give necessary permissions for certain actions and fully manage a complete web server environment through a remote connection.

Depending on what your hosting service provider offers, you can opt for KVM VPS (which is available on Linux) or OpenVZ VPS. Some service providers also offer a control panel access within their plans, while with many others, you might have to additionally purchase the control panel option. This control panel is your gateway to the root, without which, you cannot gain full access to your server system. There is also an option with hosting providers where you can forgo the control panel options and still get the full root and SSH access to your VPS server, but that is only applicable for high-end technical experts who have the expertise to manage the critical files without a control panel.

While gaining unrestricted access to the root of your VPS server can be operationally beneficial, it is potentially dangerous too. In case any unauthorized party gets access to the root, they can pose a great risk to the server and thus your site data. Even otherwise, when working on the root, human errors and mishaps can destroy critical data or accidentally delete programs. That is why it is recommended to use pseudo access, especially when running a Linux VPS Hosting. You can also restrict access and certain privileges to the root, thus ensuring server safety at all times.

Summing up…

To avail of the privilege of root access through control panel, look for a service provider who offers the best service plans inclusive of all that you are looking for. Always ask questions and research well before you opt for the preferred hosting service.