2015 Honda Civic Hybrid

Hybrid Battery WarrantyMainly because your new Honda is an crucial investment, we made the Honda No Nonsense Warranty to give you peace of mind with your new automobile. This is the time when you as an owner of the Toyota Prius have to make the selection with regards to replacement of your battery. Commonly it is noticed that the difficulties concerning the Toyota Prius arise after the time span of seven to eight years. When you are not in the warranty period then you will have to pay a higher price tag for your hybrid batteries.

Edmunds points out that most automakers claim their hybrids’ battery packs will last a very good ten years or far more. If your car or truck is significantly less than 5 years old or you have chalked up fewer than one hundred,000 miles, you most likely never have to commence worrying about battery replacement but. This selection is significantly cheaper than a new battery but you will nevertheless pay in between $1500 and $2500. The main challenge quite a few customers our having with the Prius is associated to the battery life.

The Lexus Service Component Warranty is in impact for 12 months, regardless of mileage, from the date the element(s) was installed on the vehicle, or the remainder of any applicable new automobile warranty, whichever offers higher coverage, with the exception of batteries. Toyota says it has an arrangement with its suppliers to cover dead hybrid batteries with a special ISO14001 recycling program (far more right here ).

Thanks to scientific advancements in the final handful of years, nonetheless, you have yet another choice: battery conditioning. This will set you back between $3000 and $4000 for something Toyota really should have never ever let take place. Just as surprising, you should not expect a dealer’s refurbished battery to expense you significantly less than replacing your hybrid’s old battery with new battery cells.

The firm quotes Prius taxis — with more than 400,000km on the clock in hot, humid situations — that are nevertheless operating powerful in spite of recording what Toyota describes as the equivalent of 20 years of typical operation. Accessories installed by an authorized Lexus dealer following retail delivery, except vehicle covers, are warranted for 12 months, regardless of mileage, from the date of obtain or installation on a vehicle, or the remainder of any applicable new-automobile limited warranty, whichever provides higher coverage.