The Essentials of Electronic Technology

The Essentials of Electronic Technology

Electronic technology is the branch of electrical engineering and physics that deals with the emission, behavior and effects of electrons. Electronic devices, in contrast, use electronics to create and manipulate signals and information. These systems can be used in a variety of applications, such as computers and mobile phones. This branch of engineering is essential for any company that wants to stay competitive.


Impedance is a quantity that describes the amount of resistance that an electrical current face. When both the voltage and current are constant, the impedance is zero. However, when the voltage is varying, the impedance is never zero. In other words, when alternating current is present, the impedance is always greater than zero.

There are many conditions that can affect an impedance measurement, including stray capacitance and probe capacitance. Another issue that affects impedance measurement is the presence of DC bias. This is caused by the difference in the material of the probe and wire.


When a circuit has an electrical current flowing through it, a resistor acts to stop that flow. A resistor is usually made of a non-conductive material. As such, understanding its function is not as easy as understanding the functions of copper or other metals. However, a resistor’s value can be calculated using different methods.

Several types of resistors are used in electronics. Some are made of metal films while others are made of oxides. Both materials have advantages and disadvantages. The metal films can be manufactured with good tolerances, but …

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