The Best Hair Iron for Me

My hair has always been my best feature. For as long as I can remember, it is something that I have always received compliments on. I am not a vain woman by any means, but I still like to take the best care of my hair. I work a professional job where I have to look my very best at all times, so I knew that I needed to buy a new hair iron when my old one started to act up. I did a search for the 10 best hair wave irons because I figured they had to have some newer models on the market.

I did not want to just buy a replacement one that was exactly like my old one, unless my research showed it to be the very best among the different hair irons out there. I was happy to see a website where I could view the top ten irons along with actual reviews. When I saw the Alure 3 Barrel one, I knew that I wanted it. I was able to see pictures of the finished product, and I really liked how the model’s hair curled perfectly. Since I have similar hair to the woman in the picture, I figured it would have the same results for me.

When it was delivered, I was beyond pleased after using it just one time. It was very easy to use, and it was not bulky to handle at all. I also really liked the small waves that the iron produced. I thought that they would be a bit bigger, but I actually prefer the small size that it does. I use this every day now, and I am surprised at all the newer compliments that I get now on my hair. It is the best hair decision I have made in a long time!