Toyota Hybrid Battery Replacement Cost Guide

Hybrid Battery CostAutomaker Honda employed to be the darling of Consumer Reports, with its models perpetually scoring far better than average in CR testing. The recognition of the Ford Escape and Mercury Mariner reflects a trend of continuous improvement and solution enhancement, including the most connected” driving expertise accessible right now. We sustain the highest levels of education obtainable in the hybrid auto repair business, and we supply an affordable, and environmentally friendly battery service choice.

Any of the following codes generally implies your Civic demands a new battery: POA7E, POA7F, P1435, P1446 or P1570. The interior is precisely the very same, the only distinction is the truck which is slightly smaller sized due to possessing to accommodate the battery. Make contact with your Honda dealer to make certain that the battery disposal is handled by them as an alternative of anything you will be forced to handle. Honda dealers are reportedly charging $3000 to as a lot as $4000 to replace these batteries.

Ford will be displaying off the 2009 Escape Hybrid and it really is sister, the Mercury Mariner Hybrid, at the Washington Auto Show. If the battery in your Honda Civic Hybrid fails, it can be Very high priced to replace if it is out of warranty. Honda Malaysia is capable to lessen the price of the batteries and transfer the advantage to our customers due to 3 principal reasons. The original factory warranty on the IMA hybrid battery is eight years or 80,000 miles, which ever comes first, or up to ten years or 150,000 miles depending on the model year and the state where the automobile was sold.

The newly redesigned hybrid may well have greater fuel economy (by 1 mpg) but will certainly have far more energy (11 percent improvement, 170 hp). Honda’s fix for extending battery life in the Honda Civic Hybrids is to reprogram the IMA manage software. If any perform requirements to be performed on the hybrid battery junction board or control module, put on insulated gloves and use insulated tools. For quicker charging, you can take away the #15 fuse from the underhood fuse panel and run the engine at three,000 RPM to rapid charge the battery. Your car’s self-diagnostic technique will detect most problems that can happen in the hybrid battery or charging technique.

Turn the ignition OFF and disconnect the damaging ground cable from the standard 12 volt battery in the engine compartment. Secondly, the expenses of hybrid batteries are progressively decreasing due to the improve of worldwide hybrid sales and production of hybrid autos such as its batteries. This action is boosting client confindence is deciding on Hybrid over non-hybrid version rather then a RM3k- RM6k value drop. Toyota, for instance, offers an eight-year warranty on batteries in its hybrids, the most well-liked of which is the Prius. The purpose the city mpg is higher on this automobiles is due to automobile being capable to operate on battery energy alone when at low speeds.