AI-Powered Chatbots Examples

AI-Powered Chatbots Examples

Artificial intelligence (AI) has become a must-have technology over the past several years and has become the go-to technology for companies across every industry. In fact, only 47% of digitally mature organizations don’t have a defined AI strategy.

Several examples of successful chatbots have shown that customers are willing to interact with bots.

Conversational AI powers chatbots

Conversational AI powers chatbots, an emerging technology that can provide enhanced customer service. The technology is based on machine learning and natural language processing. It uses data from previous interactions, queries, and purchases to offer personalized suggestions based on context. It can also recognize different languages and accents.

Task-oriented chatbots perform one function

Task-oriented chatbots are AI-powered programs that perform a single function, such as greeting customers or answering common questions. These programs use natural language processing and pattern recognition to make conversational responses that are personalized for the user. Typical examples of these types of chatbots are Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa. These types of chatbots can also help customers find products and book reservations.

Conversational AI helps automate repetitive service operations

Conversational AI is a powerful tool for businesses looking to automate repetitive service operations. It can classify customer calls according to sentiment, emotions, and intents and route routine transactional interactions to an intelligent virtual assistant. This allows companies to lower the cost of high-touch interactions and free up live agents to focus on more valuable conversations. According to Forbes, customer experience now outpaces product and pricing as the number one differentiator for brands. Moreover, 80 percent of consumers will spread the word if they have a bad experience with a brand.

Meena is a conversational AI chatbot

Google has just released a new chatbot called Meena, a conversational AI solution that is trained with 2.6 billion parameters gathered from vast datasets. Meena is an important innovation for conversational AI and conversational commerce. With conversational AI, you are no longer tied to the keyboard and you can now control the outcomes of any conversation. Meena’s superior capabilities have attracted attention from the technology industry and beyond.

Watson Assistant

Watson Assistant uses a tree structure to construct its dialogue. Each node is evaluated in turn and relates to another node. The top node is the “welcome” node, and the next node is the “Anything else” node. This pattern is similar to conditional statements in programming languages. When the node’s conditions are met, the Watson Assistant performs the appropriate action.


You can communicate with Mitsuku through Skype or Kik. It uses natural language processing to understand what you are saying and will respond to questions in natural language. It can talk about nearly any subject you want to talk about, and even has the ability to understand your mood. It is unlike any other chatbot that you’ve ever encountered, and it can converse about anything.